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6 Ethical Tips to Improve Your Skincare Routine

The most effective practices and sustainable choices.

Conscious that eating healthy, organic, and local food has a positive impact on their health and longevity, consumers have an overwhelming desire to know where their food comes from. Influenced by the “clean beauty” trend, the skincare industry has followed suit. Transparent products mean two steps forward for beauty and ethics. 

*According to a September 2018 IFOP survey of 1,047 women in France, organic cosmetics (58%) accounted for the largest type of organic products purchased (after food); more than household cleaning products (54%), gardening products (36%) and clothing (28%).

1 – Begin with a clean slate**

You think it will take too long, you are exhausted or you are in a hurry. Regardless of the reason, a hasty, careless face cleansing is tempting, but it will never pay off. It is the same for car maintenance or coffee making: a slightly clogged filter will slowly hinder performance and the pleasure that comes with it. To visually and objectively maintain a youthful appearance, invest in skincare products that thoroughly cleanse your face and that will ensure the effectiveness of treatments. You will be rewarded with a glowing complexion and protected skin. 

**According to the French Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, people touch their faces approximately 3,000 times a day.

2 – Hydration: inside and out

Using the best skin moisturisers is good. Hydrating from within is better. The largest organ of our body needs it (we are talking about skin, for any wandering minds). We all know that we are supposed to drink at least 1.5 litres of water per day***. Hydrate and then hydrate some more. There is a reason: skin contains up to 30% of the body’s water reserve.

***That is why the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) recommends that men drink two litres of water a day, and that women drink 1.6 litres. 

3 – What you see is what you get 

This is even more true now at a time when people are revealing their true faces (no more masks)! Overall life balance requires consistency: eating organic food, wearing organic cotton, practicing agrotourism. This will pay off all the more if you use skincare products that are certified by PETA and The Vegan Society, do not contain harmful ingredients and are free of plastic packaging. Be glam-conscious: choose ULTRA clean beauty as your planet-friendly product line.

4 – Less is more

For obvious economic, ecological, dermatological and practical reasons, you are better off having a few select products than a collection of marketing-influenced “must-haves” in your bathroom. ULTRA believes that its customers know what is best for them: we help to objectively assess your skincare needs. Choose the products that suit you and personalise your skincare regime. The ULTRA principle is simple, straightforward, and flexible: one day cream; one night cream. Add organic serums and transform them into specific formulas that suit your lifestyle and daily activities.

5 – Your skin is worth it

ULTRA’s entirely natural products (even our natural lip balms contain rice bran wax instead of beeswax, in keeping with our commitment to provide vegan and certified**** products) will help you to embrace life’s changes with the freedom you deserve. Soothe and calm your skin, and, as science advances, care for it with our pure and (almost) magical ingredients.

**Certified by PETA and The Vegan Society; complies with ISO 16128 guidelines.

6 – Great effectiveness requires trust

Consumers want to know what they use, why they use it, and how and how much to use. Do you tell yourself it is never possible to know the true story behind every product? ULTRA is a brand you can trust: ULTRA protected formulas, ULTRA tested skincare product benefits and ULTRA simple beauty routines. Leonardo Da Vinci’s words – “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – could very well have been our mantra. He used them in a poem; we put them in our skin creams.

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