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Cosmetics true or false: 3 skincare myths

Too much information can be confusing. Contradictory advice, greenwashing campaigns: although your intentions are good, being overly zealous can lead to mistakes.

Luckily, ULTRA is here to set the record straight on some skincare practices:

1 – Overwashing your face*

Too much or improper washing can damage or compromise your natural skin barrier. Cleansing products can leave skin dry and facial scrubs can cause micro-tears in the skin’s surface.

In the long run this can have detrimental effects: oilier skin and premature ageing. Eager for a gentle and sensible solution? Enter our line of skin cleansing products: we recommend our milky smooth gel with apricot and sunflower seed oils.

Simple and ULTRA effective, it gently cleans, moisturises and restores your skin’s balance. It leaves your face glowing and your skin protected.

*According to the French Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, people touch their faces approximately 3,000 times a day.

2 – Underestimating the importance of hydration

There are no two ways about it: to take care of your skin, to keep it firm and glowing, and as youthful looking as possible, you need to moisturise regularly and use products that will not add to the pollutants that already surround us.

Simple, entirely natural and certified as vegan and cruelty-free**, the ULTRA product line will soothe and calm your skin, and, as science advances, care for it with its pure and (almost) magical ingredients.

The Hydrabooster serum for dry skin contains tamanu and hemp oils that will deeply repair and nourish your skin. Plus its combination of essential acids and vitamins provides anti-bacterial benefits.

** Certified by PETA and The Vegan Society Complies with ISO 16128 guidelines

3 – Using multiple products instead of choosing the right ones 

For obvious economic, ecological, dermatological and practical reasons, you are better off with a few select products than a collection of “must-haves” dictated by marketing.

ULTRA offers a rational and sober line of products that can be combined for personalised care, and serums that you can mix and match for a bespoke skincare regime.

The ULTRA principle is simple, straightforward, and flexible: one day cream; one night cream. Transform them into specific formulas according to your lifestyle and your daily activities.

Tired of having bottles galore? Our Essential Oil (organic argan, macadamia and jojoba oils + a good dose of natural vitamin E) is an all-in-one balm that nourishes, protects and repairs your skin, your hair and your scalp by eliminating toxic substances.

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