About Us

We're Ultra, a team of beauty experts at the helm of a new wave of skincare.

Raw and organic with a touch of new chemistry.

We're as organic as it gets, with the benefits of our own smart technology. Your skin – and what you put on it – means the world to us.

Ultra's an organic bomb, boosted with the best nature has to offer.

There's natural and there's organic. Not all natural ingredients are organic, and not all organic ingredients work as well as they should.

We have our own singular formulas that put our organic ingredients to work. Ultra works as a tonic from the inside, to make you radiant on the outside, with a texture that is smooth as silk and smells like a dream.

Natural • Organic • Ultra Effective • Non-Toxic • 100% Vegan • Cruelty-Free • Paraben-Free

Short circuit going full circle.

We purchase raw materials directly from the source: artisans in different parts of the world who excel at providing us with the best products available.

In our lab, we put these ingredients through a production process we designed – with our own research & development, our own high-end machines, and of course, our own formula. We then carefully bottle and deliver it directly to you.

When we say we're natural and organic, we mean it.

When we say we're natural, we mean 100%. Every single component in our formula comes from nature.

When we say we are organic, it's because our organic ingredient percentage level is among the highest available. Our claims are real, and based on over 7 years of Ultra research.

We really believe your skin deserves the best product available.

And we source it for you. Ingredients, research, concocting formulas, and sustainable packaging: we are the Ultra for your skin.

Ultra good skin in 1-2-3 steps.

  1. Clean your skin gently with water, an exfoliating mask, or a cleansing gel.

  1. Apply the cream of your choice. Day. Night. Hydrating mask. You choose.

  1. Add a serum, depending on what your skin's needs are at this specific moment.

After all, our skin reflects us: our ups and downs, mood swings, good days, and bad days.