Our take on the skincare revolution in 7 statements.

7 years ago, we built a laboratory with the aim of revolutionizing the skincare industry.



We are experts in creating the ultimate in cosmetic technology.

For over 7 years, we have been experimenting with cosmetic technology in our own lab, with the intention of revolutionizing the skincare industry.

We have the skills, the formula, the experience — a chain reaction, a triple bond, kinetic energy at work.


We are ultra vegan, natural and organic

We strongly believe that the purer the ingredients, the better your skin will look.

We don't believe in trendy marketing slogans or natural fads - we're much more interested in getting the best that nature has to offer in a well-researched formula.


We deliver directly from nature to your skin.

We are a technology company operating from Brussels. We have our own lab, our own resources and we research our own ingredients.

We even have our own nose – a food perfumer who spent a lot of time creating the organic scent. We are a vertical chain that goes all the way around.


Our products are intended for everyone and all face and body types.

Man, woman, intermediate or non-binary, we do not believe in typologies. XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, use a little or a lot.

Our product is the hero, and we want it to work for each of you. A little of us, a touch of you, a magical alchemy!


We care about scent, texture and natural beauty.

As you will have understood by now, we love a little chemistry. But what are a bunch of molecules if they give a bad feeling, have an unpleasant scent or if they have no action?

We worked really hard to create the perfect texture that smells really good. This is a real feat when working with organic raw materials. We can’t wait for you to feel it too!


We love what we do and we love the planet to the extreme.

We create natural bonds between organic ingredients using cutting-edge technology. It is already a lot.

But what about nature in general? Our packaging is recycled and has a zero carbon footprint. Cutting-edge technology that also takes care of the skin of the earth!


We help you develop your own ultra unique daily formula.

Our offering is basic and no-frills, but with just enough options for different skin types. You will therefore be able to experiment, play, and adjust according to your needs and desires.

Become your own skin teacher. Today. Tomorrow. And why not, for the rest of your life!