Our vision of the skincare revolution in 7 statements.

7 years ago, we built a laboratory with the goal of revolutionizing the skincare industry.


We're experts in creating the ne plus ultra of cosmetic technology

We've been experimenting for over 7 years with cosmetic technology in our own lab, with the intention of revolutionizing the skincare industry.

We have the skills, the formula, and the experience — a chain reaction, a triple bond, kinetic energy at work.


We're ultra vegan, raw, natural, and organic

We strongly believe that the purer the ingredients, the better your skin will look.

We don't believe in any marketing buzzwords and “natural” hype — we're far more interested in putting the best nature has to offer into a well-researched formula.


We deliver directly from nature to your skin.

We're a tech company operating from Brussels. We have our own lab, our own allocation and distribution, and we source our own ingredients.

We even have our own nose – a food perfumer who put a lot of time into making the organic olfactory. Our vertical chain is fully circular.


Our products are for everyone and every body type.

Male, female, non-binary, or other, we don't believe in typecasting.

Our product is the protagonist here, and we want it to work for every single one of you. A bit of us, a touch of you: magical chemistry!


We care about fragrance, texture, and natural beauty.

As you must have realized by now, we love a bit of chemistry. But what's a bunch of molecules if they feel wrong, smell bad or simply don't work?

We worked so hard to create the perfect texture that actually smells good: quite an achievement when working with raw organic materials. We can't wait for you to smell it too!


We love what we do and we love the planet to the ultra.

We make natural bonds between organic ingredients by using high-end technology. That's already quite something.

But what about nature in the larger sense? Our packaging is upcycled and has zero carbon footprint. State-of-the-art technology that is also kind to the “skin” of the earth!