Sérum Peau Grasse Bio 30ml

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  • Control of excess sebum
  • Stimulation of cell renewal
  • Lightening spots
  • Helps even out skin tone

Developed using essential ingredients, with everything else excluded from this formula.

HYALURONIC ACID : A highly bioactive acid known for its anti-aging properties, with effects similar to those of mild AHA acids such as improved skin cohesion, smoother skin and reduced pore diameter.

BIOACTIVE ZINC : An effective sebum and oil regulator that helps reduce excess sebum on your skin.

ROSEMARY OIL : Known to reduce inflammation caused by acne, diminish under-eye bags and improve circulation to give you healthy, glowing skin.

RAPESEED : An effective, hydrating oil that helps control sebum and excessive shine, perfect if you have oily skin.

Discover the Power of Balancing Serum in the Fight Against Acne

Transform your skin with Balancing Serum, a revolutionary innovation in skin care.

This serum is not just a product; it is the promise of healthier and more balanced skin, specially formulated for those who struggle with acne.

Feel the difference from the first application and embark on a journey of skin transformation.

30ml / 1.02 fl.OZ

30 ml / 1.02 fluid ounces

Control of Sebum Secretion with Concentrated Bioactives

Enriched with concentrated ingredients for oily skin, including bioactive zinc and rice powder, the Balancing Serum is your secret weapon against excess shine.

Its unique formula acts deeply, mattifying and eliminating excess sebum, visibly reducing the signs of acne.

Naturel • Bio • Ultra Efficace • Non-Toxique • Vegan • Sans Paraben

Acne Reduction and Balanced Skin

In addition to controlling sebum secretion, our serum offers a long-lasting solution to the signs of acne.

With just five drops applied to the face and neck, you will feel your skin more balanced and soft, with a healthy and rejuvenated appearance.

Balancing Serum 30ml - ULTRA Remediology

Versatile and Improved Application

The Balancing Serum adapts to your skincare routine, can be combined with an ultra-hydrating cream or a cream of your choice. This versatile approach guarantees total absorption and optimized results, making each application an effective step towards perfectly balanced skin.

  • Effective control of sebum secretion with concentrated bioactive ingredients.
  • Visible reduction in the signs of acne and more balanced skin.
  • Easy application and integration with other skin care products.
  • Powerful formula for long-lasting and effective results.
  • Ideal for all skin types, especially oily and acne-prone skin.

Transform Your Skin Today!

Don't wait any longer to experience the revolution in skin care.

Get your Balancing Serum now and feel the difference!

With our specialized formulation and ease of use, you're just one step away from getting the balanced, acne-free skin you've always wanted.

Buy your Balancing Serum and start the transformation!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 299 reviews
Madeline Robinson

Il a bien mieux contrôlé le caractère gras de ma peau que les autres produits d'autres marques que j'ai utilisés. Je l'utilise depuis une semaine et je suis très contente des résultats, réduction visible de l'acné. Recommande fortement!!


Le produit a considérablement réduit mes boutons dans les 7 jours promis, mais je suis toujours en train de les éliminer complètement !

Scott Barnes

Livraison rapide, agilité dans l'achat et le paiement. Très bon produit, très satisfait, merci !

Isabel King

Merveilleux, nettoie en profondeur sans dessécher, éclaircit les marques d'acné, assèche également les boutons internes et améliore l'éclat de la peau.

Gregory Jones

Je l'utilise depuis 2 semaines et ma peau s'est considérablement améliorée, tant au niveau de la réduction des points noirs et boutons, qu'au niveau de la texture de la peau. Recommande fortement!