Sérum Anti-Rides Bio 30ml

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  • Activation of Cellular Regeneration
  • Natural Collagen and Skin Firmness
  • Intensive Hydration

Developed using only the most essential skin nutrients, with everything else excluded from this formula.

SACHA INCHI PEPTIDE: A powerful peptide that activates antioxidant genes to trigger anti-sagging and anti-wrinkle effects on your skin. It is clinically proven to rejuvenate the skin for timeless beauty by redensifying the skin and regulating protein homeostasis networks.

CELERY EXTRACT: Hydrates your skin, improves collagen organization and fibroblast growth to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and damaged skin.

GLYCERIN: An organic, plant-based humectant that attracts and locks in moisture to dry, healthy skin.

HYALURONIC ACID: A highly bioactive acid known for its anti-aging properties with similar effects to mild AHA acids such as improved skin cohesion, smoother skin and reduced pore diameter.

TOMATO AND JOJOBA EXTRACT: An anti-aging extract that rejuvenates collagen and protects against UV rays and OH free radicals.

VITAMIN E: A powerful antioxidant that helps bind all ingredients together while improving the elasticity and softness of your skin.

Revitalize Your Skin with the Stimulating Serum

Discover the transformation that the Stimulating Serum can bring to your skin.

With a unique combination of powerful ingredients, this serum redefines the concept of skincare, delivering visible and long-lasting results.

Activation of Cellular Regeneration

Benefit from the regenerative power of the Stimulating Serum .

This serum actively stimulates cell regeneration, visibly reducing wrinkles and producing collagen naturally, for visibly younger and healthier skin.

Naturel • Bio • Ultra Efficace • Non-Toxique • Vegan • Sans Paraben

Natural Collagen and Skin Firmness

Enjoy the anti-sagging and anti-wrinkle effects of Sacha Inchi peptide.

This key ingredient is clinically proven to rejuvenate the skin, redensifying it and regulating protein homeostasis networks, ensuring firmness and elasticity.

Intensive Hydration

Experience deep, long-lasting hydration. Hyaluronic acid, known for its anti-aging properties, combined with celery extract, works to improve collagen organization and fibroblast development, reducing marks and skin damage.

  • Stimulates cell regeneration and visibly reduces wrinkles
  • Production of natural collagen for firm skin
  • Natural peptides and bioactive hyaluronic acid
  • Easy application: combine with your moisturizer for optimal results
  • Concentrated ingredients for revitalized skin
  • Antioxidant protection and improvement of skin elasticity

Ready to transform your skin? Try the Stimulating Serum today and feel the difference!


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Grace Hughes

Il sent vraiment bon et hydrate bien la peau, la rendant très douce. La livraison a été rapide et sans aucun problème. Le produit est arrivé intact. Je le recommande.

Peyton Barnes

Tous les produits que j'ai achetés en ligne sont arrivés en parfait état, exactement comme commandé, d'excellente qualité. Félicitations au magasin. Je le recommande sans aucune objection. Au fait, ce produit est vraiment génial !

Arianna Butler

Parfum merveilleux qui persiste sur la peau. Super hydratant.

Alyssa Rasmussen

Je l'ai trouvé unique, très cool !

Hannah Brown

J'ai vraiment apprécié l'attention qu'ils m'ont portée, la qualité du produit et la ponctualité. Oui, je reviendrai.